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Contact Us – Windagifts

Contact Us

Contact Us

Get in touch

Shenzhen Factory Phone: 0755-8401-7733 (10 Lines)

Fax: 0755-8401-7722

Hong Kong Company Phone: 852-2929 6600

Fax: 852-8116 0811

Email: factory@windagifts.com.hk

QQ: 25500225 曾先生 Sunny

QQ: 2536360164 馮小姐 Sally

Wechat: 13332998538 曾先生 Sunny

Alibaba: szwinda.1688.com

Taobao Store: winda-factory.taobao.com


Address: 廣東省深圳市龍崗區平湖鎮輔城坳工業區A12棟

Address: 香港新界沙田火炭山尾街19-21號宇宙工業中心B座6樓F室

Office Hours

Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm

Saturday - 9am to 2pm

Sunday - Closed